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Monday, 3 September 2018

What is Operating System? How operating systems work

What is Operating System? How operating systems work

Operating system
Operating system

Friends, today we will talk about the operating system, so let's first know what the operating system is all about? It is a primary software that manages all the hardware and software of the rest of the computer. That is, in simple language, our command means that the command of the user to reach the hardware is that you can understand it as a bridge / bridge, that means if you want to print from the printer, you can type some on the keyboard. After that the command will reach the printer and you will get the print. And it's also called an OS. Brother Operating System is a computer, if the OS is good, then your computer will be just like a butter. So let's know more about the operating system.
What is Operating System? How operating systems work

What does the operating system do?

Operating system

It is a software that holds all the systems in our computer well. It works to give commands to your hardware. It handles everything such as WiFi, Radio, Storage Devices, and Display from the keyboard and mic. That is, the Operating System handles input and output devices. There are a lot of other software such as Common System Services, Libraries, and Application Programming Interface (APIs) that developers can write programs and run on the OS.

It also does multitasking, i.e. a lot of work together. And also acts to control your computer.

Operating system is just for computers ??

Friends OS is not just in the computer, but it also runs on the operating system like Smartphones, Tablets, SmartTV, Game Console, Smart Watch, and WiFi, Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Computer operating system
Computer operating system

In terms of Desktop Operating Systems, it also includes Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Google Crome's OS, and Linux. And the rest of the smartphones run on Apple's iOS and Google's Android. And the rest speak about Wifi so it runs on "embedded operating system".

Where are the Operating Systems complete and the programs go?

The rest of the software also has many other software such as the user interface, from which people can work on Devices, such as Desktop Interface, Touchscreen Interface On Phone, or Voice Interface. So the operating system does a lot of work, my brother and that too much faster than humans. Otherwise, our friend will still look at the cats.

The most important part of the operating system is Karnel?

Karnel on Low Level is one of the most important computer programs that is closest to the heart of your computer i.e. the nearest operating system. This is the only program that is loaded first when the operating system is running. It also focuses on your memory, functioning softwares, giving instruction to the CPU and also towards input output i.e. hardware. Karnel is very important but it is just a part of your operating system. Like Linux, it's just Karnel, it's called Operating System. Android is also called Operating System.

What is the difference between firmware and os?

"Firmware" runs on many devices, this is low-level software which is usually programmed in your memory. This is what goes to Design for just a few basic things.

It's a kind of operating system that interfaces with many hardware, and acts as a service to programs. For example, to control the TV's remote, Firmware Install is done but it is not called Operating System. So at the end of the friends, I will say only that if you do not become lazy, then be fast like a computer operating system.

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