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Monday, 16 December 2019

Fnatic wins PMAS Master scrims - Standings and player details

Fnatic wins PMAS Master scrims - Standings and player details

Fnatic wins pmas
Fnatic wins pmas scrims

The mastery scrims of PUBG MOBILE ALL STAR 2019, is finally over. It was of 1 week tournament with the 15 teams. The mastery scrims started from 9 Dec to 15 Dec 2019. Finally its over and Fnatic turned out to be the Winner. They completely dominanted over other teams and took the winning amount of ₹5,00,000 with 404-Points and 3 Chicken dinners throughout the mastery scrims of PMAS 2019.

TeamIND followed them with 399 points and got the highest number of chicken dinners. They got seven of them throughout the mastery scrims. The position points of TeamIND were higher than that of Fnatic, but the fact that the kill points are given more importance than position points brought Fnatic to the top of the leaderboard and made them the winner.

Overall standings of PMAS mastery scrims

#1 Fnatic- 414 points (134 kills)
#2 TeamIND- 399 points (122 kills)
#3 Etg.Brawlers- 364 points (165 kills)
#4 Seven Seas- 352 points (132 kills)
#5 Godlike- 350 points (151 kills)
#6 ORB Official- 350 points (144 kills)
#7 Zero Degree- 350 points (147 kills)
#8 Team Mayhem- 314 points (123 kills)
#9 Hydra- 312 points (116 kills)
#10 8Bit- 296 points (121 kills)
#11 Team Insidious- 288 points (129 kills)
#12 SynerGE- 259 points (108 kills)
#13 Team iNSANE- 259 points (108 kills)
#14 Orange Rock- 219 points (125 kills)
#15 God's Reign- 132 points (68 kills)

After the intense mastery scrims, the teams will now be gearing up for the Grand Finals that will take place at Hitex Exhibition Center, Hall 1, HICC Convention Centre, Hitech-city, Hyderabad from 21st December. The fans can reach the venue and cheer for their favorite team by booking their online tickets here. They can also catch up with the live stream of the event on PUBG Mobile India's official YouTube channel.

Fnatic Players Details

Fnatic is a really new team which is hardly a few months old. However, don’t make the mistake of taking them lightly at all. Each of the team members has an impressive list of accomplishments to their name and are seasoned players. Watch out for this team that prides itself on its aggressive gameplay!

Fnatic Owais - IGL

He is the Igl of the squad and also the person responsible for bringing this team together. He was a part of the famed team- Soul, but decided to split and form his own team. He is a patient, yet aggressive player which makes him a very very deadly killer!

Fnatic Paritosh - Assaulter

A killing machine who was a part of RIP Official before he quit and joined Fnatic at Owais' request. He is a killing machine who is a 2- time PMCO finalist and Battle Adda 2 Second ranker!

Fnatic Ronak - Sniper

No other quality is as important to a sniper as calmness of mind and patience, and Ronak has them both by the bucket-loads. Among the top rankers in multiple championships, this sniper is one to watch out for, or better yet, avoid altogether.

Fnatic Ash - Assaulter

Picked by the team when they were desperately in need of a great player to complete their squad, Ash has proven himself to be an indispensable part of the team without a doubt. Despite being someone who prioritises strategy and teamwork, he is an Assaulter at heart, and a great one at that.

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